I want to encourage you! You will not know until you learn. The biggest Improvement comes after failure. The best peace is the peace you step up and make, not the peace you simply understand! live the dream! face your fears! Let the adventure begin! Photo credit Paul D. Zinn Jr. to read our ‪#‎blog‬ see our profile for the link www.zinndesign.org/blog ‪#‎huzzah‬ #Waterfall#evilsonwaterfall #cachoeira #evilson#cachoeiradoevilson Quero incentivá-lo! Você não saberá até que você aprenda. A maior melhoria vem após o fracasso. O melhor a paz é a paz que você acelerar e fazer, não a paz que você simplesmente entender! vive o sonho! encare seus medos! Deixe a aventura começar! Crédito da foto Paul D. Zinn Jr. para ler a nossa #blog ver o nosso perfil para o linkwww.zinndesign.org/blog

When you do something new there are two sides to that coin. On one side you are ready, you have your ducks in a row, you've trained, you've been practicing, running, drawing, cleaning, organizing, and you're READY! "Pronto" as the Brazilians say!

but then there's another side of the coin, This side is the one you're not ready for. The side that terrifies you! The part where you don't have a clue what you're doing! This is the side that makes you want to say "What have I gotten myself into?"

This second side is what most people would say is the dangerous side... but I want to pose a question. How did the place of preparedness come into existence? How was peace brought about? How did we learn what we now know? I believe also believe both sides of this coin have their benefits as well as their dangers. I want to warn you... living in the place where you're always prepared has dangers of it's own.  Sometimes you can be so prepared for something and then a last minute change makes everything you've prepared for useless. But should you shrink back? No! Should you regroup? Maybe... Maybe not!

I want to encourage you! You will not know until you learn. Your biggest improvement comes after failure. The best peace is the peace you step up and make, not the peace you simply understand! So do it! Live the dream! Face your fears! Let the adventure begin! You have what it takes... and if you don't. Find a way to get what it takes and make it happen anyway!!! Huzzah! You can do it!

Now, I am pumped! And rightly so! I am starting a business! I am attempting to do what I love! I'm nervous too! But I want to use this blog as a way for you to follow the progress of Zinn Design and our journey to find our place in the market, to keep you up to date on what we are offering, and to give you tips and advice of ways you can improve what you're doing based off of the wins and the mistakes that we make here in the future! 

But, it all starts now!

Let's do this!

Your Mostly Fearless Leader,

Paul D. Zinn, Jr.