Contrary to popular beliefs or practices... This is the right way to share an event on your Facebook Page.

PHASE 1: Add Public Event to page

  1. "..."
  2. add to page
  3. Select the page you want to add to
  4. easy huh?!? YOU DID IT!

PHASE 2: Sharing

  1. Go back to event page
  2. hover over the "Share" button under the banner
  3. then click "Share event in news feed"
  4. Click on the dropdown menu at the top of the pop-up (It should say "share on your own timeline")
  5. Change it so that you share the the Page you want it to go to
  6. Select your page and "post as" your page.
  7. Write something amazing! Add your location/emotion/friends.
  9. This is important! Repeat this process to share on your PERSONAL profile too (chances are you have more friends on your personal page then you have followers for your page ;) besides some of these people are not liking your page yet ;)


  1. Again, go back to event page
  2. Hover over the "Share" button under the banner
  3. Then click "Invite Friends"
  4. For the sake of sanity and humanity... Invite people who would actually be intrested in going to this event.

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